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Stone Path Trading LLC

Chicken Eggs, Rooster Exposed, 12 Eggs- Ameraucana Mix (Puffy Cheek Chickens)

Chicken Eggs, Rooster Exposed, 12 Eggs- Ameraucana Mix (Puffy Cheek Chickens)

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12 Chicken Eggs, Rooster Exposed - Ameraucana, White Longhorn Rhode Island Red, Brown Sex Link, Plymoth Rock and Easter Egger Barnyard Mix (Puffy Cheek Chickens) (Puffy Cheek Chickens) These eggs are produced right here on our little chicken breeding farm. We raise amazing birds that are not only beautiful but also lay beautifully colored eggs. Listing is for 12 assorted eggs, brown olive and blues that can range from Teal, sky blue, and Turquoise. The eggs make great table decorations, ornaments, and embellishments for wreaths. These eggs will be gathered and shipped fresh so that you can use them for baking and cooking. Eggshells are naturally created and so no two are alike, the eggs we ship out will not be the eggs in this photo but we will send out only the nicest eggs. Also, we do our best to photograph eggshells in natural light without distorting color and do not filter our images. However, there will be differences in color viewing on your device and will not process refunds due to this reason. The eggs that will be shipped will come from our Ameraucana, Araucana, and Crested Cream Legbar pens, so the shades and colors of blues will be different. Shades of Teal, blue, and turquoise. Each breed of chicken is raised free range with a rooster. If you would like more information just drop me a message.

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