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Cancer Zodiac Gemstone Bracelet BRC-0145 Handmade

Cancer Zodiac Gemstone Bracelet BRC-0145 Handmade

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Cancer Zodiac Gemstone Bracelet BRC-0145 Handmade Cancer June 22 - July 21 Abalone Shell. Agatized Coral. Calcite. Carnelian. Chalcedon. Moonstone. Obsidian. Pink Opal. Rose Quartz. Ruby. Abalone Shell Abalone Shell connects the Cancer energy back to the ocean, back to water. It can aid in communication, especially indecisive or contradictory. It also brings peace and beauty into your life. Agatized Coral Agatized Coral is another stone that connects to the ocean. It offers support, healing and strength for the motherly, nurturing Cancer. Calcite Cancers feel emotions more strongly than the other signs, so this time of year you may find your emotions are on the edge. Calcite can help you to express them in a positive manner without overreactions. Carnelian Carnelian can bring some balance and grounding to the water bound Cancer energy. It also encourages a creative outlet for all of the emotions bouncing around inside of you during the Cancer season. Chalcedony Chalcedony brings a sense of familiar connection, which is perfect for the nurturing motherly energy of Cancer. It is another stone that can help balance and stabilize the Cancer energy. Moonstone Moonstone pulls the nurturing moon energy and vibrant water energy to the ground. It can also help develop and inspire your psychic intuition. Obsidian This grounding helps to create balance and bring energy down to earth. It also has a mystical fire quality that brings in a sense of passion and burns away old heavy emotional energy patterns. Pink Opal This loving stone helps to replace fear with love during the times you are doubting yourself and encourages personal power when you are feeling confident. It is another stone that helps to enhance intuition. Rose quartz Rose Quartz enhances love of all types. Cancer energy is very nurturing and caring. This stone can channel and amplify the compassion you may be feeling, especially for yourself. Ruby Ruby is perfect for using with Cancer energy because it is both grounding and nurturing. It ignites love and passion and can help the user feel a sense of abundance.

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