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Focus & Clarity Bracelet BRC-0141

Focus & Clarity Bracelet BRC-0141

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Focus & Clarity Bracelet - BRC-0141 Made with natural stones. You will receive 1 bracelet. Amethyst Believed to attract healing, protection, love, enlightenment and bliss. Also to be a supportive stone in the healing process by giving courage & stress relief. Also believed to bring intuition and inspired thought. Amethyst has a high frequency that is helpful in purifying the aura. This stone is a stone of focus and success, and victory. Black Tourmaline Believed to have the ability to soothe the heart and to help with protection, grounding and transmutation of negative energies and to enhance understanding and intuition. Hematite Believed to be helpful in seeing the whole perspective and to aid in communication. Also can be helpful in clearing the mind for meditation, alleviating stress and strengthening spirituality. Lapis Lazuli This powerfully healing stone is believed to help boost the immune system and to guard against psychic attack. This is also a great stone for healing communication in relationships. This stone can also help to alleviate depression, therefore connecting one to living a vital life. Red Jasper Believed to carry a strong grounding vibration, this is a stone of abundance and helps to give deep insight into personal difficulties and help with emotional equilibrium. Red Jasper is also helpful in increasing energy, strength and stamina. Smoky Quartz Believed to have the ability to help lift depression, disperse fear and release negativity. Smoky quartz is also believed to be a magnifier (promoting positive thoughts, feelings and inspired action), to help with communication and to be a grounding stone. Sunstone This sun and light stone is believed to helpful in clearing and cleansing all chakras. Sun stone particularly energizes the Base & Sacral Chakras, stimulating leadership, will, creativity and sexuality. Moonstone This stone of good luck & fortune is particularly helpful in the areas of love and passion. This stone can bring success in matters of love and business. This stone promotes inspiration and enhances intuition. This stone is believed to bring protection both on land and sea. Quartz Believed to be a healing and protective stone and to serve as an amplifier of positive energies. This stone is believed to help bring clarity of though t and purpose to the heart and mind. It is also known to bring harmony, purity, calmness and balance one’s energy. This is a great stone for healing manifestation and prayer work. Quartz was also used historically for visionary work and to boost clairvoyance. see more at

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